The Library is the heart of any educational institution. In our college, the library is situated as central icon in the rear part of the set of main buildings. A huge collection of books is available for reading and is considered as the store house of knowledge.

It comprises:

Library plays an important role in the enhancement of education and research attitude of the user community. Students can go to library during their library hours. The library helps a good deal in spreading knowledge and facilitating education. The library plays a vital role in the academic curriculum of the student community.

Library Staff

Rules and Regulations

  1. Strict silence shall be observed in the library.
  2. No member shall take any printed book or notebook into the library.
  3. Books must not be marked or defaced. The pages should not be earmarked. Students should examine each book before borrowing it and report to the librarian any damage found there in. If they fail to do so, they will be held responsible for any damage detected after their use of the book.
  4. Periodicals placed on the magazine racks should not be mishandled. They should be replacing on the racks after use.
  5. Reference books and periodicals will not be issued but are available for reference within the library.
  6. Staff and students should not the books. If one book of a set is damaged, the whole set shall be replaced.
  7. Overdue charges shall be imposed on each day a book is overdue. Absence from the College shall not be admitted as an excuse for delay in returning a book
  8. Date labels shall not be tampered with
  9. The librarian may recall any book at any time even before the expiry of the normal period of loan
  10. No Staff or student is allowed to lend books to any one in or outside the College.
  11. Books will not be lent to either students or staff during the vacation.
  12. Books when in use must be handled carefully.
  13. Books can be borrowed against token only.
  14. Department libraries: The above rules of the main library apply also to the department libraries will have to replace the books if they are lost.

Conduct of Library user

  1. The mobile phones are to be switched off or to be kept on silent mode in the library reading hall.
  2. The library/college is not responsible for any loss of any personal property brought into the library.

Library Facilities

  1. Circulation of books and periodicals
  2. Open Access System
  3. Display of new arrivals
  4. Bar coding service
  5. Display of current information or notification
  6. User orientation or information literacy
  7. On-line service - INFLIBNET
  8. Model question bank collection
  9. Offer Book Exhibition
  10. Permanent member of N-List: National Library and Information Service for Scholarly Content jointly executed by UGC-INFONET-2.0 Digital Library Consortium

The library is not simply a place or building, nor is it only a collection of resources. Rather, the library, as a program of services (including on-site and remote collections), processes a mission of supported learning by providing Information Services to meet the needs of students and faculty.

User base

Circulation Section

Library Week

To stress the importance and use of the library, every year, the first week of February is observed as Library Week when student activities and competitions are conducted, like:

  1. Quiz programme
  2. Essay writing Prizes are distributed to the winners.

Library Week Occasions List

Academic Year Chief Guest Name Designation Topic
2013-2014 Ganesan P, PhD Assistant Librarian,
Alagappa University, Karaikudi
Reading Books - Need of the Hour
2014-2015 Baskaran C, PhD Librarian,
Alagappa University Karaikudi
In the word of Books…
2015-2016 Thanuskodi S, PhD Professor & Head, Department of Library and Information Science,
Alagappa University, Karaikudi
Innovative Electronic Information Science
2016-2017 Chinnasamy K, PhD Associate Professor & Head, Department of Library and Information Science,
M.K.University, Madurai
Current Trends in Library Information Science
2017-2018 Durairajan M, PhD Librarian,
St. Joseph College, Tiruchirapalli
Library as a Learning Resource Center
2018-2019 Muthumari P, PhD Librarian, Alagappa University Constituent College of Arts and Science,
Role of Libraries in Academic Institutions